Posted by: revenantananias | 4 12 13

cooler weather

how I lived a childhood in snow
and all my teens in tow, stuffed in strata of clothes
pale the winter days after dark
wandering the grey memorial park, a fleeting beating of hearts

~  the decemberist


I am delighted to say that it is so much cooler now. Most of the autumn leaves have met the ground, those left are contending the wind which will inevitably bite them off. The travelers to 아차산 are becoming less and less. The view seems bleak from the top as skeleton fingers of the trees wave in winter.

I have learned that teaching english jobs are not very easy to get. Many places want FBI background checks and apostillised copies of diplomas and transcripts. Doing this for one application costs shy of $1,000 and might require you to go back to the states. So- get that done ahead of time.

Fortunately for me, my wife works for the president of a university. I have been freelance editing for them and have been offered a position.


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