Posted by: revenantananias | 27 09 13

mobile phones- and then some

file me away
in  your heart someday
you just be you
i’ll be me, ok?
~ badly drawn boy

mobiles are used everywhere and by nearly everyone.  but in Korea i have seen it reach new heights (or perhaps limits?).  i have seen, on the subway, several people with more than one phone.  oddly enough, i see just as many iphones as i see samsungs and lgs.  for the most part they all have the same app running- kakoa talk.  for the most part people do not use the text app on their phone, but use kakoa talk instead.  but unlike what i have seen in the rest of the world- it is not just the youth.

even the elderly in korean have smartphones.  and unlike other places in the world i have been, they know how to use them.  phone, internet, maps, pictures, and even kakoa talk.  it is amazing seeing grandparents use their phones like champs.

but sometimes it is overkill.  once i saw a guy kakoaing with his iphone with one hand and in his other hand he held an ipad playing a television show.


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