Posted by: revenantananias | 27 09 13

happy 추슥!

fields within fields
acres to the edge
an acre for your bed
thinking of you
marking up your plans
making up what memories you have
look around there’s no one left but us
~kathryn calder

thanksgiving in korea is fun.  it reminds me of old time america when all the shops were closed and everyone went to visit family for the weekend.  only that does not happen for many americans anymore.  and america never closes shops anymore- 24/7 for maximum income.  thanksgiving in the states means shopping.  people go to bed early thursday and get up at 3 to make it to the shopping mall to buy, buy, buy.  sadly in these markdown shopping events people have been mauled, shot, and trampled to death- a long way from the days when americans went home to spend time with their families and rest for the weekend.

my wife and i received a few customary 추슥 gifts- tins of spam (i have not seen spam since heaven knows) and fruit (spam in the states is equated with poverty, but spam in korea is more like a special treat and a reminder of the past- how far they have come.  and korea has a lot to brag about- after the war they went from a third world nation to a first in record timing).  we visited my wife’s cousin and had a fun time.  there was no turkey, but there was 오디 (duck).  i love duck.

i am happy to see that, regardless of how Kore has become a 1st world nation that family is not forgotten as it has in the states and part of europe.  in fact, many children live at home until they get married and it is not seen as weird, unlike the west where it is viewed negatively.


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