Posted by: revenantananias | 15 09 13

the rain has ended

eli, the barrowboy, you’re the old town 
sells coal and marigolds and he cries out all down the day 
below the tamarac she is crying 
corn cobs and candlewax for the buying, all down the day

the decemberists


the sun has been out a lot more these past few weeks.  when i first arrived in the beginning of july, it rained three weeks straight without a single ray of sunshine to be found.  it was wonderful.  i love the rain and rather dislike the sun.  that may be because i have that fair european skin that burns when left out in the sun for more than three minutes.  

the rain, though much appreciated by myself, also kept the humidity very high and along with it the temperature.  recently, however, the temperature has been much lower as well as the humidity.  the sun is out, but it is not too hard to dodge what with all the tall buildings of Seoul.

people here laugh when they say that i cannot wait for winter.  they think that the winter in Seoul will be a big shock to me.  but i grew up on an mountain in upstate NY and i am certain that winters here will not be so cold, time will tell.  but even if they are- i will be all the happier.  like it was said of scrooge, ‘no winter wind could chill him.’  though i am not a cantankerous old miser, winter is the best.

but let me not speed up time.  let’s enjoy the autumn first.  i am quite excited to see the view from Acha San.


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