Posted by: revenantananias | 27 08 13

popped collars are not dead- they just moved to Korea

home you can’t take it back
all i have is what i know
when its all been taken away
home is where i cannot go
~kathryn calder


in Seoul, there are a ton of different styles.  the most fascinating to me is the acceptance of mountain climbing apparel for nearly ever occasion.  sure- they may have just come from the mountain- but church, shopping, movie going, even at a wedding- someone will be wearing mountain climbing apparel.  

but there are tons of other styles.  you name it- Seoul has it: skater, business, business casual, preppy, clean, grunge, hipster, and also plain ol’ tees.  and popped collars, that fashion never died out- just moved to another continent.  and for all the styles of clothes that one can find, there are a pair of glasses for it too.  they range from the cool, sleek and sophisticated looking glasses to the just plain huge and goofy.  and sometimes there are no lenses in those big goofy lenses.  

another thing that i noticed- these clothes are good quality.  regardless of the stye, they are high quality.  i have a suit that my wife’s parents gave me.  they bought it here in Korea and it is from Italy- but it is the best suit i own and i have yet to see its equal.  there are few poor quality clothing items in Seoul.


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