Posted by: revenantananias | 21 08 13

the mountains

Well, then the trees began to shake,
fa la lanky down dilly,
Horse did tremble and man did quake,
fa la lanky down dilly.
The birds betook them all to peep,
it would have made a grown man weep,
Fa la la-n-fa, da-n-da da-n-fa, lanky down dilly.
~kate rusby

Seoul, and most of Korea, is full.  it is full of people, cars, noise and smell.  the eyes can only see so much, the ears cannot hear all, and the nose is just as distracted.  if one is a country-boy like myself- it can make one feel pressed in on all sides.  i consider Seoul the first city i have ever lived in.  before here i lived in Briarcliff, an area just outside of Atlanta proper, therefore not a city and removed enough.  this makes Seoul enormous to me.

Seoul has skyscrapers as high as the sky in every city.  unlike the states, the people do not live in the mountains, they live in the valleys.  and to house all of them there are many skyscrapers.  the number of them is impressive.  take a train in any direction and one will notice that the mountains are bereft of people whereas the valleys are full of them.

but in all the busyness, one can find solace, a sanctuary, a respite for the senses.  please allow me to take a quote out of context, “head for the hills!”

we live next to a mountain, Acha san (아차산).  no less than two hundred people go up there a day walking past our place, and i am certain that there are more than that.  but no one lives up there: no hermits, no poets, no one.  it is, instead, visited by those wishing to increase their quality of life as peaceful daily asylum seekers and those wishing to get their blood pumping.

the view is magnificent.



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