Posted by: revenantananias | 19 08 13

it is good for the Seoul

“steady, steady, steady the wheel
i know we’re heading for the ditch
but i think we’ll be
okay, okay, steady me now
my wooden hands grind into dust
that settle like snow on us”

~kathryn calder

i have decided to take a can of air and blow off the dusty logic board of this online journal.  it certainly has been a while.  i am a few years older, maybe a little more mature, and perhaps a shade wiser.  these days i travel with my wife; we are staying in Seoul for a few years.  so i decided to write about my experiences as a misplaced person.

throughout this process i will be making notes about the people, culture and food.  perhaps other things as well.

currently it is 25 degrees.  it was 32 earlier, and Seoul has humidity like Florida.  it feels like i am riding my bike through a pond.  oddly enough, after ten minutes i look that way too, what with all the sweat.  bikes are truly the best way to travel in Seoul.  SongHee and i live about twenty-five minutes from church by walking- but by bike it is not even ten minutes.  the bikes we bought are hands down one of the best purchases we made.  taxis are cheap too, in Seoul they start at ₩2,400, currently $2.15,  (₩2,800 in Busan and Taegu) and you go far before it starts to add up.

public transportation is cheap too.  we recently came back from Taegu and it cost about ₩80,000  ($71.50) for two one-way tickets to Seoul on the fast train.  in the States, amtrak would charge your about $200 for one ticket for the same time.  the busses and subways are cheap too.  public transportation here in Korea is just as safe, clean and timely like Switzerland, but cheaper.  in the summer taxis and public transport may be better than the bike, however, as they have a/c–the bike does not.  that being noted, bicycles are still great to use here.

we bought our bikes from a father/son duo who have been selling and repairing bikes for decades.  the price was slightly higher than buying it online- but we were able to ride away instantly and not stuck updating the tracking info online every four hours.  and we received free locks and free lights for the front and rear of the bikes.

best of all, though, is watching the smile on my wife’s face as she pedals around.


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