Posted by: revenantananias | 14 04 10

typical response to invitations- ‘too busy’

i spent some time looking up things and found that president obama is attending the funeral of the late polish president. though my heart goes out to the Poles, it seems odd as he did not go to his grandmothers funeral. i think it is because he is trying to make up for all of the things he has not attended:

1) king and queen of Norway’s request for dinner (he just took his peace prize and bounced)
2) 1st US president to skip the ball honouring the medal of honour recipients
3) national day of prayer (it was said that he was distancing himself by not attending.  incidentally still hosted the national day of prayer in which many world leaders are invited…)
4) EU-US summit in madrid (though Spain’s president was able to attend the prayer breakfast)
5) 1st president since grover cleveland to nix attending the gridiron lunch (grover was president over 100 years ago)
6) not attending the Berlin wall ceremony (after being invited by chancellor merkel.  tons of other world leaders were there.)

and i think it is really interesting that as france did not invite the Queen to the 65 anniversary of Normandy- obama is doing his level best to get her in.  nice gesture and all- but you, sir, need to go where you ARE invited.


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