Posted by: revenantananias | 17 01 09

i was following the pack
all swallowed in their coats
with scarves of red tied ’round their throats
to keep their little heads
from fallin’ in the snow
and i turned round and there you go
~fleet foxes

long time folks. really long friggen time. but i have an amazing excuse, i am in seminary. long and short is that i am reading a lot and have little time to do much else. masters work is difficult compared to undergrad. especially when you are learning 5 languages and reading hundreds of pages. now it just sounds like i am whining.

a lot has been happening here. strangely enough, it started this year. no one has pointed any fingers in my direction. well, one person did- but it was quickly pointed out that i read all the time, and therefore it could not have been me. phew, the punishment for all of these odd goings on is expulsion.

fire extinguishers have been put outside people’s doors, names and hangings are being moved from door to door. and somehow someone (or someone’s) put a picnic table in the middle of the stairwell. that must have taken some time because no one heard it and it took three people a not so easy time to get it out. then someone put the three television remotes from the student lounge into the backpack of some foreign exchange students bags.


but now i am under attack! someone called me a heretic. no big deal. except two days ago some girl called me the antichrist. really, now! this particular girl said that she was giving up speech for lent. i told her good- because that would be great for the rest of us and that God loved her silent prayers best anyways.

naturally she called me the antichrist again, in front of a large table full of people and a church body convening a meeting in the next table over. if i was the antichrist, my cover was blown.

i put my hand over my drink- because it seemed like something could get into there. no sooner did i do that and she said that she was going to put something in my drink and that i ruined the opportunity. oh well. then she resorted to ice cubes. so i held her hand until the cubes melted which made her squeal; better than the cubes going down my shirt or pants.

then i was about to leave and she grabbed some of the stuff that she was taking back to her room- a few cups of cereal. she was in a hurry to get me and one fell over. i laughed and looked up high and said, ‘thanks God’ and gave the thumbs up sign. she got pissed and the church members at the other table looked up to see what i was looking at, forgetting that i said, “thanks God.’


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